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Duck and Foie Gras
from Tierra de Campos

In Villamartín de Campos and other neighbouring villages from Palencia there are large grain fields for poultry feeding, spacious and of great quality. It is in that first village where Selectos de Castilla practices a more than 84-day-long duck breeding which passes the highest quality standards, such as Label Rouge, the highest French quality mark.

Animals are not fed drugs like growth promoters or any other unnatural components, which would leave a mark on the fatty liver, filter of their body. This way, both the consumer’s health and the organoleptic quality of the products are ensured.

Animals are traditionally fed with non-genetically modified maize grain, which ensures the ducks’ optimal welfare during the fattening phase. The products of Selectos de Castilla are 100% naturally made, with no type of synthetic or chemical additives added during the process. This allows Selectos de Castilla to obtain products which are great flavoured, of indisputable taste quality and very healthy in a market where natural and sustainable products are no longer a luxury but a must.

Ducks extensive farming, the traditional fattening, and the favourable environment of Tierra de Campos result in the quality of Spanish meat and foie gras competing with the best of the classic French foie gras gastronomy bearing the Label Rouge stamp.

Pato de Selectos de Castilla en El Txoco

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